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A layman's thoughts on bloodsugar

This site is devoted to reducing the amount of sugar in your blood. Along the way, you may learn something about diabetes, a deadly modern day epidemic.

Do you have diabetes? You should get tested periodically for diabetes, particularly if you are overweight and even more particularly if your parents or grandparents had the disease. We discuss informal testing on our Non-Doctor Testing Page. You should at least do that. But its far better to have your doctor test for diabetes. Try to take the test where the doctor gives you sugared water at various intervals, with your blood sugar level being tested at regular intervals. This test takes several hours so your doctor might be reluctant to use it. If so, find another doctor. One not quite so lazy. You should also have your doctor do a HbA1c test, which gives you an average blood sugar level. But never rely exclusively on the HbA1c test for diagnosis purposes.

It used to be called "sugar diabetes," but now generally its referred to as "Type 1" or "Type 2." For the most part, Type 1 diabetics are diabetic from or shortly after birth. If you are Type 1, this web-site is not for you. Type 2 diabetics generally get the disease later in life, usually after they have gained weight. The theory of this website is that most Type 2 diabetics can reduce their blood sugar levels if they lose weight.

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