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We will publish annually (based on calendar year) accountings, showing monies in and monies out, as well as the source of those funds and the expenditures made. We will not publish the names of contributors absent express written request.

If it is going to make a serious effort to reduce obesity, America does not need encouragement from the First Lady. Rather America direly needs federal legislation requiring all packaged foods to which a carbohydrate-based sweetener has been added to prominently display this fact in big letters on the package. Everything (exaggeration) we buy today seems to have sugar added. Almond milk, for just one example, is marketed as almond milk and as unsweetened almond milk. It should be just the opposite. "Almond milk" should contain no added sugar. "Sweetened almond milk" should be the name of almond milk which has been doctored by the addition of a carbohydrate-based sweetener. Under current regulations, consumers simply don't know if they are buying a food which has been sweetened. Such legislation would constitute the single biggest step taken to stamping out obesity (and therefore Type II diabetes) in the past 100 years.

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