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Diabetes is a serious and deadly disease, with many manifestations. This website and each of its pages is written and maintained by volunteer lay people. We are not medical doctors. We have not been to school to learn about diabetes or blood sugar. We do not claim to be experts. You should always consult with a competent medical or dietary specialist before embarking on any diet or exercise program. Every human being is unique. What may work for someone else may not work for you. In fact, what may work for someone may make your situation worse. For example, we have a good friend who says that his blood sugar is much lower on his vegetarian diet than it was when he was on the Atkins diet. To each his own. In general, take everything you read or hear about diabetes with a grain of salt and healthy scepticism. In the final analysis, do what your doctor says is best for you and remember: you are going to die someday. This site pertains to quality of life until then, and to longevity itself. None of us can step out of life's path.

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