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This page is maintained by folks who are trying to do something about the diabetes epidemic. It is edited by John White. Mr. White maintains a law practice at 335 W. 1st. St., Reno, NV, 89503. He is not a medical doctor and makes no claim to any medical expertise. Use this site at your own risk!

We have three basic purposes: First, to get people interested in finding out whether they have diabetes before it is too late to stop the damage, second to help those who do have diabetes deal with their disease and third, to promote legislation requiring "sugar added", "corn syrup added", or "carbohydrate sweetener added" to be prominently displayed on all packaged foods. We are not medical people. No doctors here. Just some common-sense. We may someday try to monetize the site but if so, it will only be to better spread the word. We use no government funds but do accept donations (see Contact page).

Speaking of monetizing, there are one heck of a lot of people who make their living from treating those with diabetes. Often they make more money, much more money, by treating the symptoms of the disease rather than diabetes itself. Many eye doctors, kidney doctors, podiatrists, heart doctors, skin doctors, dentists, you-name-it doctors make their fortune from this disease. Diabetes is the best thing that's ever happened to the medical profession. Whatever. One thing is clear: the medical and drug companies spend a lot more money on treating the symptoms of diabetes than they do on diagnosing it. The disease itself, once the patient knows he has it, is often relatively easy to treat with diet and exercise. So it is in their best interest that you not discover that you have this disease until you've had it for years - until the damage has already been done, the damage being generally irreversible.

Some say there is a connection between diabetes and cancer. We don't know. Many ingested cancer treatments are designed to get to the sugar in the patient's system as cancer apparently likes sugar. However, the respected Mayo Clinic says there is no connection.

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